Haunt Rater: Field of Screams Review 2014

Field of Screams more than lives up to its title as “America’s #1 Haunted Attraction”, especially this year for that matter! The Haunt Rater Paranormal Crew went down to Lancaster County to the deep, dark depths of Hell to make our annual to Field of Screams on September 13, 2014. Seriously, these guys no how to bring out real fear and terror and introduce it into your very soul!

We started out the horror filled night with their newer attraction, Nocturnal Wasteland. Last year was the first time for this attraction. This year, being the second year for it, was amazing! They really amped it up a lot and it did not matter how many people were going through at one time, they still found the right times and places to get us when we were not expecting it. It seemed longer than we remembered to get through the attraction, which was great for us. We really liked Nocturnal Wasteland. “Nocturnal Wasteland is one of the scariest outdoor attractions in America!”

Next we made our way over to Frightmare Asylum. That place is always creepy and haunting. As we made our way inside we were greeted by our worst nightmares! We experienced a whole new level of fear that we did not know existed. From beginning to end, our expectations were never let down.

Our third tour led us to the Den of Darkness, also another frightfully terrorizing place! It did not matter where we would turn, we were greeted by demons, evil spirits and the most terrible of scenes only thought to be found in the recesses of the human mind. Yet Field of Screams delivers the scares right to your face! We really love entering the Den of Darkness, with the hopes of actually making it out alive!

Our final journey that night was on the Haunted Hayride. This is our overall favorite. We are simply hayride fans! Of all the hayrides that we have been on, we are sure that Field of Screams has something that the rest do not have…”The #1 Haunted Hayride in America!” Why is this? Simply it is due to a combination of the best props, scenes, actors and ideas that can only be found in the real world of fear! We can truly attest to the fact that you never have the same experience twice when you come to Field of Screams whether you come year after year or more than once in the same year. It is always a different feel and experience like no other on this planet!

We look forward to seeing what more horror the Field of Screams Team can bring year after year! We officially give Field of Screams a clear cut 10 out of 10!