Field of Screams Testimonials

When people come to Field of Screams, they come for thrills and spine-tingling chills. Once the experience has taken place and people FEEL the excitement pulsing through their bodies, it’s hard to deny the overwhelming urge to express that terror on video!


On September 15th, 2018, The Haunt Rater and his crew of misfits visited “Field of Screams” located in Mountville, Pennsylvania. What a way to start off celebrating “10 Years of Finding Fears!” This was a night for us to remember for sure! We started our night at the Frightmare Asylum, moving on to the Den of Darkness, which holds all new twists and turn like never before seen, then making our way through Nocturnal wasteland, and then ending our evening of terror on the famous Haunted Hayride.
Frightmare Asylum was our first stop of the night and what a stop it was. Freaks and ghouls popped out from just about every corner you could possibly imagine. There was no doubt that field of Screams upped the fright for a 26th year in a row! As we continued our journey, we could easily see that this was not for the faint of heart. Frightmare Asylum proved to be a heart stopper for sure! Our second adventure was “the den of darkness”. This place was awesome. This was definitely our favorite this year hands down. Rooms moved, floors shook and rooves closed in on you and to top it all off, the Evil spirits of the den were on our heels non-stop. It seemed like we could never get away no matter how hard we tried. There was nowhere to run, nowhere to hide and nowhere safe! It took all we had just to make it out alive and that is saying something as many check in but, never check out! Make the Den of Darkness a stop on your 2018 Bucket list for a Haunting Good Time! Next we were off to Nocturnal Wasteland. As you wait to enter these unhallowed grounds, you are greeted by monsters not even found in your nightmares. They can only be derived from the minds of the infamous creators of such an unholy land! Upon entering this wasteland of terror, we quickly came to realize that not only were we not in Kansas anymore but, we were no longer in Pennsylvania! We had entered another realm, a realm of pure terror, suspense and thrills beyond what could be imagined. Twists, turns and unexpected events led to an experience only found at Field of Screams! Our final fright filled experience of the night occurred at the Haunted Hayride. Ghosts, ghouls, clowns and other hideous creatures of the night all awaited us as we made our way through the trails that led to hell itself. Nowhere was safe and there was no doubt in our minds that we were headed down a road that only would lead us to certain death! We feared for our lives every step of the way and prayed that we would make it out alive and in one piece. One of our favorite parts is the “spinning Tunnel” found within the hayride itself. To pull this off is a huge measure in itself and proved a great tool to distract us from the horrors that lied ahead. What an experience!
“If you want horror, terror and frights unlike any kind you have ever experienced then, make your way to Field of Screams in Mountville, Pa and experience the screams for yourself!”
2018 Rating for Field of Screams: (5 out of 5)
The Haunt Rater
It is the 2018 Haunt season my friends! We are so pumped to bring you our reviews for this season. Let's begin with our experience here at the legendary, original Field of Screams in Lancaster PA. This place embodies Halloween. When you arrive you walk up to a ticket window and friendly greeter. There you have several options for ticket packages. They have 4 attractions total, with one being added just 5 seasons ago. You can do them all or just the ones you choose. HRC highly recommends all of them. Do not drive to FOS and miss out on any of the show. There are upgraded skip the line passes as well for those nights it is very busy. Once you pass through ticketing there is the largest midway of activity we have seen at a haunt. There are several food truck vendor choices, plenty of seating to enjoy the food and relax. They have a huge stage where there is always something happening. The night we were there they had various bands playing. Special shout out to Linda who was covering sound and dancing for hours straight! There are games to play in between visiting the 4 attractions as well. Really this is quite the set up. This year the attractions were so evenly matched that it was hard to choose which one got us the most. After debate we did end up favoring the Asylum. They had some seriously creepy characters in there (looking at you dentist and girl in the medicine room) Well done! Overall what makes Field of Screams a winner is their constant change and growth. In all 4 attractions the attention to detail is spot on. They have mastered make up to the point where we cannot tell props from people. They have realistic organs twitching from the ceilings and walls. The use of pitch black darkness and well placed floor changes, smells and textures is amazing. At one point we knew we were crawling through bodies and we all wanted to get out because we just knew one of them was going to spring to life and scare us. The actors are well trained, and truly love to scare. We love the use of technology and old school classic scares.
Field of Screams touches on every aspect of haunting. The indoor haunts, the very creepy hayride (lets be real it can be hard to get scares on a wagon) they do amazingly well, and their newest outdoor walk through. This place never ceases to impress. Some haunts we find go stagnant and barely change over the years. FOS isn't one of those. It is always obvious that they are reinvesting and inventing. Please go check out their 2018 show. If you cannot make it in September or October, they have decided to do their extreme show again in November. You will need to sign a waiver to participate... you've been warned. Go if you dare.
Haunt Review Crew
This haunted attraction is the best in the business. When it comes to being fully prepared for anything and treating patrons to a best in class experience, no one does it better than Jim and Gene Schopf at Field of Screams. On a rating system of five stars, I would give this haunt an 8 out of 5. It's that damned good. Others try to offer multi haunt attractions themselves to look competitive - but they rarely offer any value. Honest works. Haunters, be true to your audience. Do one thing and do it well. Remember, Field of Screams started out in 1993 as a hayride alone and built from there. Offer value to your customers. They'll actually come back.
Randy Tuggle - Scare Season
On September 15, 2012 The Haunt Rater Crew visited Field of Screams. We had the pleasure of being invited to their hospitality/media night to celebrate their 20th year of literally scaring the crap out of people. What an experience we had this year. Each year just gets better and better. This year is no exception. After 20 years of thrills and chills, Field of Screams has gone above and beyond. They have not only sent chills up and down our spines but, they gave us nightmares for years to come.

We started our night of sheer terror on the infamous Haunted Hayride. If you do not like cemeteries, evil clowns, red necks, and crazed butchers then this is not the ride for you. After the first five minutes on this hayride you begin to question why you even left the safety of your vehicle. If you are looking for 35 minutes of in your face scares then you have come to the right place.

Next experience the thrill of the Frightmare Asylum. Beware of the Doctor and his twisted experiments. You might just become one of them. Many have entered its doors but, few have come out…ALIVE! Ready to experience the fright of a lifetime, then enter the Frightmare Asylum. Remember, it is at your own risk!

Last, if you have survived the Asylum, try your wits at the Den of Darkness. You will go through small spaces, feel confined at times and hear the sheer sound of…CHAINSAWS! How will you escape? Well, that is for you to figure out. Dare to enter the Den unless you are afraid of the Darkness!

The Haunt Rater Crew gave the following rating for “Field of Screams”: 5+ Scares out of 5 Scares! Our highest rating! “Dare to be Scared!”
"I had an absolute blast at Field of Screams! The hayride and haunted houses were top notch! I highly recommend it for any haunt fans and people who just want to have a great scare and a great time!"
Richard Christy, The Howard Stern Show
This ain't lip service. Field of Screams is one of the best haunts I've ever visited. They deliver the gruesome goods."
Tony Timpone, Fangoria Magazine
"The Baltimore Scare crew visited Field of Screams in Lancaster PA on Sept 18th 2010. Once again they delivered. Most places, when we tell them we are coming opening weekend, freak out. Field of Screams says bring it! So for 2009 and 2010 we have opened our reviewing season by visiting them. This year they get a 9 out of 10. They were so awesome as usual! Majority favorite was the Den of Darkness. They have added so much since 2009! The effects were kicked up several notches. It is hard not to give anything away. They use all of your senses here! Sight, hearing, (o def hearing) smell (trust us its not pretty) touch, o and there is tasting! Lots of good food to eat. There were times when things just "appeared". We would be walking in one direction and the next thing you know half of our group was missing! It was a crazy night. We started with the Den of Darkness, in there we encountered interesting walls, strange floors, and many scares. The best way to describe the den has always been Non Stop action! Next we went to the asylum. The asylum takes you into a world of your childish and perhaps adult fears. The dentist maybe? DO YOU HEAR THAT DRILL?? Are you afraid of clowns maybe?? Or maybe you are terrified of dolls? All of these things and claustrophobic conditions are all a part of the asylum experience. Last we went to the hayride. The hay ride is always so well done. The actors have great make up, the clowns aren't all mask covered. The actors stay in character the entire time. O and wait, was that a real chain saw before entering the mad clown scene?? O, it was! Baltimore Scare Crew once again gives Field of Screams the thumbs up! Please check out our youtube reviews that we did prior to leaving the attraction. Have fun folks!"
The Baltimore Scare Crew
"Field of Screams haunted hayride is legitimately scary and the people putting on the show go all out!"
The Snapper, Millersville University
"Field of Screams has proven to be a powerful force in all things scary in the haunted attraction business."
Central Source Newspaper
"You search for darkened & unexpected entrances. You get trapped in dark, small spaces. Then, freaky people shock you. While your heart rate soars, they taunt you. Repeat process. You can't relax! PERSONAL TRAINERS EVERYWHERE: This could count as aerobic exercise!"
York Daily Record
"We agreed that screaming our heads off at Field of Screams made for a unique form of stress relief."
Lancaster County Magazine
"Field of Screams is an innovative and carefully choreographed production that provides its visitors with nefarious chills and thrills."
Lebanon Daily News
"We have been to haunted places all over the Tri-State area, and we found this one on the internet, and this is by far the number one best place!"
Bob Schultz, York, PA
"We're from New Jersey and we go to different haunted events each weekend during the fall-yours is the best!"
Dallas Bobbit and Jill Fones, Carneys Point, New Jersey
"I got really scared and started screaming every second of the ride."
Maddie Bergeron, Baltimore, MD
"I'll definitely be back next year. Field of Screams has the best haunted house in the area!"
Allison Bomberger, Shippensburg, PA
"I've been to Field of Screams every Halloween for the past 10 years and there is always something new!"
Karen France, Philadelphia, PA
"The Field of Screams in Mountville puts the 'awe' in awesome Halloween attractions."
The Patriot News
"I've been visiting haunted house attractions for 20 years and your hayride has got to be the best I've ever been to. So much in fact after my boyfriend took me, I took my family from Ohio! Not to put another local haunt down, but yours was by far superior in every aspect. Hayride and Houses!"
Tiffani Walker, Baltimore, MD
"I just wanted to let you know how much fun I had at your attraction Nov 1st, I was instantly impressed with your attraction, it is no wonder why you are the leading haunt. The thing that impressed me the most is how you used the available space you had to its maximum potential. Thank you for a great time!"
John Cain, Aberdeen, MD
"Your facilities and entertainment are phenomenal and the special effects are very realistic! It was a lot of fun! We will be sure to come back next year!"
Anna Picchini, York, PA
"We visited your attraction on Oct. 3, 2009. We are avid haunted attraction fans and Halloween buffs. Someone recommended your attraction to us and we have to say that your attraction was more than worth the ride to get there (1 hour 15 minutes). Your haunts were fantastic, actors, make-up and props wonderful, and the event was very affordable. Our 13 year old daughter has informed us that "We are definitely going back there!", something we cannot say about some other haunts we have visited! Thank you for the scares!"
The Peaco Family, York, PA
"The cast and crew do an amazing job at scaring the **** out of people. I am going there again this year and I plan on being scared then laughing in the end, Field of screams is the best haunted house you could go to. It gives you that creepy, most awkward thrill you could possibly get. Field of Screams I recommend if your looking for that thrill you need."
Stacy Swontek, Baltimore, MD
"I went to the Headless Horseman last night in Ulster Park, NY. I've heard so many great things about this haunt and people were saying it is the best. Anyway, I went to your haunt last year and I couldn't imagine anything beating your haunt. Well I was right the haunt didn't even compare to yours. I really wish I made the trip to Field of Screams instead. I hope I can make a trip out to your haunt this year, but if not I'm definitely going to yours the next year. You guys are awesome!"
Sharon Lacaskey, Winfield Park, NJ
"You guys have made our new family "fall" tradition! Thanks so much for the neat experience. You do great work and you can tell you put a lot of time and focus in every single detail."
Marlo Noble, Akron, PA
"Field of Screams is the best Haunted attraction we have come across in the PA area. We've been to almost everyone and not one has lived up to the scares and screams we get every year from the scary boils and ghouls of Field of Screams. Your haunt is no doubt the best for the money. Keep up the great work!"
The Snyders, Harrisburg, PA
"My wife and I are in our mid forties, but we love coming back to Field of Screams year after year. We've tried the rest, but you guys are the best! Keep up the good work, looking forward to next year!"
The Neidlinger's, Camp Hill, PA
"I laughed, cried, screamed, cursed, cried some more, threw up, screamed some more, all in an hour and a half! I'm telling everyone about Field of Screams and how it's worth every single penny!"
Anonymous, Sinking Springs, PA
"Field of Screams was like sitting down and watching your most favorite scary movie of all time and instead of watching it, you were living in it. Absolutely AMAZING!"
Matt Bartion, Pasadena MD
"I have a horrible fear of clowns and each year I am determined to get over my fear, but when I visit Field of Screams, I can never seem to conquer my fear!"
Lizz Geltz, Harrisburg, PA
"Field of Screams has been open for 25 years and going very strong. It was really great to see on such a hot night how many people showed up and shared the love of Haunted Attractions.

Arriving at Field of Screams, our team got super excited. We could not wait to get out of the car and just go! Luckily for us we got there a good hour early. Which was killing our anticipation but was able to give us a real deep look into the extras that Field of Screams has to offer. Walking in from the parking lot you could see right away that this was an A attraction. Walking into the parking lot entrance you see a monster, Tons of Food Carts, An Awesome shop that yes I had to shop from. After buying my mug that I collect from everywhere me and the woman visit. It was Game Time!

Not game time as in let’s get in the attractions but actual game time. As in Field of Screams has Awesome, Tough but fun Games right in the center of it all. From Severed Head Basketball to a very creepy Ball Bounce game. To the standard break a dish with a baseball and a Zombie Football throw. This Center Court has so much to offer that FOS was already packed an hour before any of the attractions even open. The Energy started right away. With watching the Actors already engaging the customers with a Free, Yes Free photo booth. Located right in the middle of all the attractions was a photo booth that would snap your picture with actors and would text the image right to your device in a matter of minutes!

Also just behind the free photo booth was an Awesome stage with Live Music Starting at 7pm. So not only do you get to enjoy some great food and fun games. You get to enjoy with a live band playing right there! And all of this fun before even entering an attraction.

Now it is down to business. After our team literally could not wait one more second to get into an attraction. We headed for Frightmare Asylum.

Heading in through the queue line, you just see the detail right away. Walking up to this old, beat down building. With an old clock and gravel road. And a big hole in the fence as if a large something busted right out the fence. Even more detail followed even in the Queue line as our anticipation was driving us insane! Finally, we are about to enter our first Haunted Attraction of the season.

Once inside we knew right away this was going to be one hell of a night. Every room holding onto an Asylum theme but changing ideas throughout the entire walk thru. Some things we have noticed at other haunts while for the most part, ideas we have never even thought of. Not to mention just like most attractions at Field of Screams, a very long and winding walk through. Just when you think you are at the end. It keeps going, the fear keeps growing. This walk through like all of them here played out almost like combining weird dreams into one very original attraction. Now Time to score it!

Next up, Haunted Hayride. The great thing that we found about with Field of Screams was that they always have your entertainment in mind. Even waiting in line for the hayride you get entertained by watching this Giant Jack o lantern creature pictured below. Before you even start your journey there is something awesome to watch and see.

This Hayride was so Original that it is going to be very hard to write a Review without giving anything up. First off, This Hayride was more like a moving attraction then hayrides we have seen. With actual full on scenes that really take you out of the corn field and into the Horror. I will put this in writing that this is, so far. The Best Hayride we have entered in our years of Haunt Festivities. From the amazing movie like props and displays, to the echoing screams from 90% of the trailer. Every scene had a different feel and just all out attacked different fears of people. Did they use themes other hayrides? Sure, but they injected them with steroids and blew every show away! This is by far the most imaginative Hayride we have yet been to. And that’s saying something. This Hayride was second to none. Let’s see what the team came up with for scoring this awesome attraction.

On to…..Nocturnal Wasteland. This attraction was your basic terror trail completely redone. As you walk through the woods. You see a great deal of props and effects. With it running just like a great movie. From a little slow to What the Hell is That!!!! Every turn was more and more detail. From being in some backwoods repair shop to a sewer. This attraction also fed on many fears that different people have. This attraction also displays an amazing piece of science that we have hands down never ever seen in a haunted attraction before. That’s where I am leaving that. Want to know more? Get in the car! Here is what the survey says!......

Now onto the Den of Darkness. I loved this attraction. From the really cool detail to the building to the very cool queue lines. This was awesome from the opening room. Every room was such a surprising different theme that it really shook you. It was highly original and highly entertaining. While also helping you train for the marines. You will see. Again, get in the car. Because you can find out what we are talking about here. Just go! But really, from effective Hollywood props and animatronics to great acting and even crazy smells we never witnessed in haunts. We have always smelled some but this one blew it away. Almost every room messed with your 5 senses. This was a total and all around attraction. Now to the Scoring.

Well you have read what Field of Screams has to offer. Jim and Team did an outstanding job this year. We may even head back up to feel the cold and see these attractions again. That’s something we never did. Even before the blog we never went back to an attraction but before even leaving the parking lot we were talking about coming back. So let us get down to the Overall Scoring.

Guys, to make it simple. This is a 5-star haunt. There was no doubt about that when we took a vote as a group after every attraction. We all completely agreed as a team with the 5 blood splat rating. With the 4 of us having very different taste in everything from movies to food to more importantly Haunted Attractions. Our team gave a 5 blood spat rating with no recount needed. This is a must stop for anyone, Near and Far. Get up there now. They are open now."
Halloween Haunts 365
"Field of Screams in Lancaster / Mountville, PA is, hands down, the best farm/outdoors based haunt I have ever been to in my life.

It’s one of the locations that I am confident recommending to anyone who asks me for a solid and scary haunted house.

There’s a lot going on at Field of Screams and they get it all totally correct in the implementation. They have an extensive midway with food, games, a gift shop, and benches.

Admission to this area is free. Which makes it a perfect community destination for all members of the family. There are often bands playing or other entertainment. There will also be scare actors roaming about so it’s a lot of fun to watch them take photos with and harass the customers. They do not harass you if you are relaxing and eating, so this is still a great place for parents to wait for their kids to go through the attractions.

Field of Screams has 4 haunted attractions. They have 2 totally enclosed attractions called the Den of Darkness and Frightmare Asylum. There’s a Haunted Hayride and an outdoor walkthrough called Nocturnal Wasteland.

This year there were iterative changes to all of the attractions. The thing is – all of these iterative changes were so well placed and well designed that they added a lot to the experience. Field of Screams is the only place I know of that has such a tight game that they don’t even need to do new attractions. They control their existing attractions so well that they feel fresh every year. This year is even better because there are extensive additions they have done.

I loved the new paths they implemented in both Frightmare Asylum and Den of Darkness. The hayride has lots of new scares added and they also changed the design of a lot of it. Nocturnal Wasteland received some new elements that worked extremely well. What I love about all of these attractions is that they build upward. Most haunts stop at eye level. These guys do not. You’ll see all kinds of things above you – including actors on ziplines here and there. It’s truly an entire world they have built.

I can’t get over the skill and intensity of all of the actors at this place. Every year I see attractions that have great actors, but largely most attractions have good years and bad years in their actors’ skill levels. Field of Screams is the only one that does it on all gears every year again and again with an unwavering attention to detail, quality, and safety. They DELIVER. Every year. I spoke to Jim Schopf, one of the owners, and he said that they do a pretty intensive training program. I wish that all haunted attractions did this because I believe this is how attractions truly own their uniqueness.

I can’t think of anything bad to say about Field of Screams. If you went last year it’s definitely worth your time to go again. If you’ve never gone – what are you waiting for?"
"Field of Screams boasts four attractions: “Haunted Hayride,” “Nocturnal Wasteland,” “Frightmare Asylum” and “Den of Darkness.” In each of them, Field of Screams pulls out all the stops with amazing props, talented actors, and unforgettable experiences.

We kicked off the night riding “Haunted Hayride.” We arrived around closing time on opening night. Even though there weren’t a lot of people on the ride, you’d never know it based on how great the actors were. They played their parts perfectly, paying extra attention to the handful of visitors.

One of the highlights is the soundtrack that plays throughout. As the ride kicks off in the Slaughterhouse with Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Sweet Home Alabama,” the music cuts out and riders are attacked by human/pig hybrids. The tractor pulls away just before you are strung up with the pigs. From there, you’re led through a graveyard filled with restless souls, a greenhouse where you’re sprayed with pesticides, and a big-top filled with twisted clowns.

After we escaped the hayride, we took a jaunt through “Nocturnal Wasteland,” which is set in post-apocalyptic woods. You enter through an ice cream truck playing its usual, cheerful tunes. That cheerfulness comes to a quick end, though, as you move through twisted trailed, drain tunnels and other vehicles. One of those is a school bus still occupied by children.

A standout moment here is when your are surrounded by ghouls in a junk yard. Here, the actors use classic misdirection techniques: You will be separated from the rest of your group, and any security you felt clinging onto the person in front of you will go by the wayside. We loved it! It was our favorite part of Field of Screams.

From there, we ducked into “Frightmare Asylum,” one of two haunted houses. While the props are fantastic and the acting is great, it didn’t really offer any surprises. It’s your typical take on a haunted insane asylum. Certainly not bad, but not at the same caliber as its sister attractions.

“Den of Darkness” similarly features elaborate actors and props.

A psychic armed with the haunted house’s gruesome history welcomes. As you enter through a hidden passage, you make you away through a closet before visiting a little girl’s room and then a filled-to-capacity morgue. You’ll crawl through a fireplace before crashing a ‘Great Gatsby’-style party in the living room.

We loved the one-liners here. “This is not entertainment!” one actor shrieked at us. Another asked: “Do you know what the best thing about ribs are?”

If scares aren’t your thing, Field of Screams boasts a midway filled with food, games and entertainment. Where else could you shoot some hoops with severed heads?

The punch line to the joke, by the way? “They break easy.”"
Jeric Foulds and George Spohr, Times Leader
Field of Screams in Lancaster, PA is one of the strongest Halloween festivals in the northeast.
They have 4 haunted attractions and one of the most impressive midways (games, food, merchandise, tables) I’ve ever seen. This is less than 1/2 of it.
We always get a hot apple cider, pumpkin whoopie pie, and peanut butter chocolate chip whoopie pie because running from ghouls is hard work:
Anyway. Haunted Houses!
The Haunted Attractions:
Nocturnal Wasteland was new last year. What was remarkable about it then was the design. Unlike most haunted attraction owners, these guys build upward. They do not stop at your eye line. Field of Screams is one of the few places that you can still get scares from above.
Last year Nocturnal Wasteland was good. This year it’s great.
They moved the tesla coil from the hayride into this attraction and greatly redid the paths. I believe it was longer. Most impressive were a bunch of hand made demon trees. I unfortunately don’t have a picture because we don’t photograph inside attractions as a courtesy to the attraction owners. But trust me – it was impressive. I heard from my pals over at the Haunt Review Crew that these took 12 hours each to build. They have moving branch arms and glowing faces. Definitely not off the shelf props.
Truly over the top!
Frightmare Asylum blew us away.
The intensity level in all of the attractions is off the charts. The actor training all around is flawless. Most haunted attractions just have their actors do the Lunge and Scream. Not here.
You will see combo attacks, improv, and even actors who are there simply doing insane stuff to provide atmosphere for the other actors who are scaring. When you come into a room they might be standing at the end of the hall staring at you and leading you in while their partner gets you. The best quote from an actor in here was, “You smell different when you are sleeping!”
Oh. My. God.
Kudos must be also given to the hilarious actors working the line. A+++++. The only other people to get the actor training to this level yet this year is Pennhurst. We are going to have a tough time when OniHaunts Award season comes out.
Den of Darkness was similarly on point. The fireplace room that leads through the parlor and up to the crawlspace is the 3 rooms combo in all of haunted house history that I think nails it every year. That’s what I can’t get over about Field of Screams – the phenomenal design of each attraction that works perfectly with your psychology.
The people on wires were back – so you can even expect people to FLY at you in here. I missed them last year when I was here.
This place was bananas! We were exhausted when we got out.
The Haunted Hayride has a new snake room this year that you have to see to believe. They don’t do things by halves here. Each section of the hayride is a complete scene, with outdoor areas alternating with enclosed barns which function as ride buildings. In the buildings you pull in and the doors come down to provide you with a dark and scary experience. It’s a controlled environment that works way better in some cases than being exposed to the open air. I felt that the scenes were better executed by the actors this year than before. In past years I had had some issues with the medieval scene because it was hard to hear. This year it was great.
Bonus points go to the guy in the hillbilly scene who called Harknell “Mr. Clean Bacon Boy!” Whatever that means. It was funny!
Field of Screams has always been one of our favorite haunted attractions. Harknell even bought the hat:
Every year these guys are an event that I can confidently recommend to someone who is looking for a Halloween festival that does it all well. This year they took the training and intensity level up a quantum level higher than any other year to the point where we were exhausted at the end of the night. I was all like ARRRR and here is proof:


Hall of Scares

Field of Screams is proud to announce that owners Gene and Jim Schopf have been inducted in to the Haunt-Rater Hall of Scares in 2015

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Field of Screams, one of America’s top haunted houses, is located in Lancaster PA. Only a short drive from Philadelphia PA, Baltimore MD, among other nearby East Coast areas, we terrify all who visit, so come prepared to scream. Come see why we are titled “America’s No. 1 Haunted Attraction”.