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If you’re ready to plan a trip to Field of Screams use the information provided below to make it a smooth and enjoyable one.

Dates, Times, Prices

Field of Screams is a popular destination and can get VERY busy on certain nights. We encourage our customers to check the dates, times and prices for the day you want to attend.

We have adjusted our operational hours on specific nights in order to accommodate the needs of that particular night. Click on a date to learn the specific details of each night that we are open.

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Field of Screams is very easy to find. We are located in Lancaster County, PA immediately off of the Mountville exit of the major highway, Route 30. It is a quick drive from many locations on the East Coast and it is VERY easy to find.

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We’re sure you’ll be mentally and physically exhausted after your journey through the horrific nightmares created by Field of Screams! There are many affordable hotels that are located close to Field of Screams. Stay the night at one of our hotel sponsors to ensure a safe trip home the next day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Finally, check out the Frequently Asked Questions section to help answer any questions you may have about your trip. Being prepared for what actually awaits you is an almost impossible task but this list of questions should help you cover the basics! We look forward to providing you with a night of sheer terror!

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If you’re ready to plan a trip to Field of Screams to experience the best haunted houses, haunted woods, and haunted hayride in the country, follow the above links and suggestions to help make it a smooth and enjoyable trip.

Field of Screams, one of the best haunted houses in the world, is located in Lancaster PA. Just a short drive from Philadelphia PA, Baltimore MD, and surrounding East Coast areas, it’s worth the extra few minutes in the car to drive to this type of terror. Come out this season and see why Field of Screams is titled “America’s No. 1 Haunted Attraction”.