Characters of the Nocturnal Wasteland


Abandoned as a small child, RIP sought refuge within the confines of Nocturnal Wasteland. He takes pleasure in fishing for humans and is just waiting to sink his hook into the next person who takes a wrong turn into his shack. Beware where you travel inside of the Nocturnal Wasteland.

The Brander

All visitors will get a label while inside of the Nocturnal Wasteland and it won’t be pretty. The Brander makes sure that everyone is marked. He is in charge of deciding who will be admitted as a member of the NW Clan and who will serve as food for the residents. Just hope that you receive the mark that allows you to leave.

The Protector

While inside of the Nocturnal Wasteland all guests will be under extreme surveillance. The Protector keeps a watchful eye on all visitors and has been known to pull a few deep into the woods in order to maintain law and order inside of the gates.

The Enforcer

Close friends with THE PROTECTOR, THE ENFORCER takes pleasure in making up his own rules. The Enforcer never loses and hides out all throughout the Nocturnal Wasteland. Once inside the walls, he will hunt you down. Pray for mercy if your paths cross.


A master of disguises this clever and evil creature will be lurking in the darkness of the woods stalking and prowling his prey. If you get the feeling that someone is watching you or feel like someone is breathing down your neck, then you have most likely been spotted by Chameleon and your end may be near.

The Specialist

An eccentric genius who likes to play with lethal chemicals will be anxiously awaiting your arrival into the Nocturnal Wasteland. One of his favorite pastimes is to witness the results of his chemical mixtures on trespassers not wearing breathing protection. If you spot The Specialist, cover your nose and mouth because the lethal gases that he plays with will soon enter in to your system if you do not.


Severely burned and deformed from a terrible gasoline explosion Lester continues to man the only fuel station in the Nocturnal Wasteland. No longer concerned about the dangers of mixing flames, sparks, and gasoline, Lester is extremely careless as he handles flammable and combustible substances. Visitors are encouraged to quickly travel through the gas station area before a major explosion occurs.