Haunted Hayride

The Haunted Hayride at Field of Screams is one of the first, and best, in the World. And every year, the new scares and new scenes constantly improve the terror of the wagon ride deep into the cornfield. The chilling characters and hideous scenes will make your heart pound and your hair stand on end. The sounds of the cold cornfield will surround you and once you board this tractor-pulled wagon, there's no turning back!

Greeted by a 20 foot pumpkin king, the ride begins as the custom built wagons are pulled deep into the cornfield where your nightmares quickly become reality. The darkness cloaks the ghastly inhabitants of the cornfield and you never know where one of these creatures may be hiding just waiting to launch its attack on the victims aboard the wagon.

The first stop is the slaughterhouse where Uncle Willie and the disturbed pig butchers are prepared to cut down anyone in their path. Dirty Dan’s Redneck Clan is another terrifying sight. This hillbilly family enjoys shooting anything or anyone that trespasses on their property and you are no exception. When these trigger-happy hillbillies mix moonshine, fire and guns, things go horribly wrong. With the world's first 3-room enclosed hayride scene, ghostly graveyard inhabitants, cackling clowns, and toxic waste creatures, the hayride is non-stop action that leaves terror in everyone's heart. The all too familiar sound of chainsaws will fill you with terror while the feeling of the blade against your skin will make your pulse race and your blood flow.

In just 20 minutes every horror you have ever imagined will come to life and haunt you for the rest of your days. Each year new scares are added to the Haunted Hayride and more screams are heard. No one can escape the fear while trapped on the Haunted Hayride Wagons being pulled deep into the cornfield.

This Haunted Hayride is unlike any other Haunted Attraction in the world and contains more hair-raising, jaw-dropping fright than ever before. Step into the terrors that fill your nightmares and take a ride into the cornfield that brings out the creepiest characters of all. Crowds flock to the Haunted Hayride from places like Baltimore MD, and Philadelphia PA because this is America's No. 1 Haunted Attraction. The smells, sounds, and scenes will give you chills that won't stop until you finish the ride. Step up onto the wagon and hang on tight, because this will be a terror-filled journey.