Characters of the Frightmare Asylum

Dr. Mal Practice

Chief Psychiatrist for Appelgate Mental Asylum, Dr. Mal developed the radical treatment programs of ridding patients of phobias by exposing them to extreme amounts of their fear. This tactic sometimes led to accidental deaths. Medical trials were held, and the Board revoked his license just before the Appelgate Mental Asylum was closed. It is said that he was locked in the building, and the doors were bolted shut.

The Patients

Dr. Mal’s twisted practices turned the scared Asylum patients into violent sociopaths of all shapes and sizes. These victims show no mercy on visitors as they encounter the many that trek through their domain. Intent on making visitors suffer just as they do, these victims unleash their anger and fury on everyone who come their way. The Doctors' victims are many, and you will encounter them in every nook and cranny of this decrepit building. Do not show them any weaknesses or you will become their prey. Prepare to be terrified and tortured because these inmates are disturbed.

Dr. Stitch

The resident oral surgeon of the Asylum, Dr. Stitch took advantage of the residents by practicing his own sick version of oral surgery. He left patients orally crippled and scarred for life. Teeth, lips, and tongues are scattered about around his operating table. Dr. Stitch gets extremely agitated if interrupted while he is engrossed in his work.

Dr. Daniel P. Darko

The lead dentist of the Asylum, Dr. Darko, lost his mind a long time ago but he never loses a tooth. He likes to yank out patient’s teeth and cut off their tongues; then he saves them in jars to add to his collection. This dentist is serious about his dental practices. It’s a messy job but in his mind someone’s got to do it!

Nurse Sara

Sara would love to take your vital signs, literally. Known for her unique bedside manner and equipped with her needle full of lethal doses of morphine, Nurse Sara successfully puts many visitors out of their misery permanently.

Dr. R. Mortis

Dr. R. Mortis controls the Autopsy Room of the Frightmare Asylum. As you may imagine, this is an extremely busy room. Bodies come and go through this room non-stop. Why would you be scared of a room full of dead bodies? They’re dead and dead is DEAD…right?