Frightmare Asylum

Home to some of the most criminally deranged and disturbed patients, the Frightmare Asylum is one of the most terrifying and frightening haunted houses in the world. The Applegate Asylum was shut down and abandoned in the 1900's after more than one hundred years of operation, but the deranged doctors, nightmarish nurses, and disturbed inmates have remained to haunt the only place they've known. They show no mercy to visitors and enjoy the chance to mutilate new bodies.

The malpractice of the doctors and nurses in the Asylum has caused the inmates to become unstable and prone to seek their revenge on all who enter the condemned building. The Doctors take sick enjoyment in slicing up patients and visitors in order to test their latest experimental treatments. The dark hallways contain the most demented and twisted people, and they provide shocking scares around every corner. Encounter your worst fears as you discover the dark secrets left behind in the Applegate Asylum. Beware of Dr. Stitch the Dentist because his sinister experiments leave even the bravest with their worst nightmares. Brave the autopsy room and cover your nose, because the stench might just kill you if the doctors don't. The jaw-dropping, hair-raising terror that you encounter will leave you with nightmares that you will never leave forget. Every step could be your last, so tread carefully. The only way to escape the ghastly patients that inhabit the Asylum is to weave your way through 4 floors of fear and to cautiously make your way past the creatures who call this place home.

The heart-pounding terror of the Frightmare Asylum is a feeling that you will never forget. Although many may enter, few will leave unchanged.

The Frightmare Asylum is one of the best haunted houses in the world because of the deranged characters and horrific scenes housed inside. Guests travel far and wide to experience the chill of the Frightmare Asylum. From all up and down the East Coast, guests from Baltimore MD, Philadelphia PA, and other East Coast Cities have come back year after year to experience the never-ending horror that accompanies their walk through the eerie hallways of the Frightmare Asylum. Featured on Travel Channel as one of the best haunted attractions in the world, the Frightmare Asylum never disappoints thrill seeking customers who come prepared to receive the scares of their lives.