Escape Games

Similar to the hour-long escape games, our games are shortened to a 5 minute version and are designed to challenge your mind in between the horrifying scares! Your group of 2-4 people will be able to choose between 3 different games, all of which are located in the Entertainment Area. You will have to work together to think fast - you only have 5 minutes to solve the puzzles to “escape”!

Only $5.00 per person, per game! 5 minute time limit per game. Purchase tickets onsite or online with your Scream Pass purchase! Tickets cannot be purchased separately online.

The Heist: YOUR MISSION IS TO STEAL VALUABLE ARTWORK! All players must work together to figure out the clues that will unlock the security features in the art gallery!

Lockdown: YOU’VE LANDED IN JAIL! Your group will be split and placed into two separate jail cells. Work together to solve the clues that unlock each other’s cell blocks and then work together to escape the room!

Captured: YOU’VE BEEN CAPTURED BY A KILLER! One player is locked in a cage. The others work together to solve the puzzles in order to free this player and then everyone works to escape the room!