Den of Darkness

The Den of Darkness is one of America’s original Haunted Houses and it just keeps getting more hauntingly horrifying which each passing year.

The Den of Darkness is a 3 story building that was built in the early 1800's and then converted into a farmhouse. The dark and mysterious past of the Den began when the Murter family moved in. Many people were tortured in the twisted man's dusty farmhouse and the blood still stains the ground. After the place was converted into The Garden Hotel the killings increased. The demented workers there conducted ghastly experiments and committed torturous murders. Many checked in, few checked out. The final chapter in the life of the Den of Darkness was as the mansion estate of Frances Henry Worth, a well-known eccentric and psychotic millionaire.

The Den of Darkness is home to blood-thirsty butchers and nightmarish monsters. From the stench of dead bodies in the morgue to the brush of spiders in the halls, the terror is non-stop. Journey through the fright-filled hallways and narrow passageways as you experience the horror of disturbed creatures determined to haunt this Den forever. Make your way carefully through the doctor's operating room or you may be his next victim. The Den of Darkness is one of the World's Scariest Attractions and the terror-filled hallways are non-stop horror!

Proven to be one of the best haunted houses in the world again and again, the Den of Darkness does not disappoint. Experience bone-chilling fear as you travel through the doll room where their delicate faces are mutilated by the deranged doll maker. Feel your pulse race as Dr. D. Sable attempts to make you his next patient on his blood-caked table. Feel your way through the dark hallways and hear the grating sound of the chainsaw as it cuts into flesh. The terror that the Den of Darkness leaves you with is something that cannot be forgotten.

The Den of Darkness is such a heart-pounding experience that it was featured on the Travel Channel as one of the world's scariest haunted houses. Customers flock to Field of Screams from cities all over the East Coast to experience their worst nightmares and witness the terrors that lie inside the doors of the Den of Darkness.

PAY TO GET IN.............PRAY TO GET OUT!!!